Our Boy Aaron Carter Needs Help, Not Just Because of His Face Tattoo

If you haven’t seen Aaron Carter’s face tattoo, you’re missing out. This is the look of a very specific life choice.

Too bad it’s also a sign of Aaron Carter going down the Britney Spears/Amanda Bynes of “send help fast.”

Blind Gossip had a post about a singer whose family knows he’s mentally ill and wants to get him help, but they can’t hold him on a 5150. That’s the California code for an involuntary psychiatric hold.

He refuses to get treated voluntarily and they can’t have him committed until he actually does something. He has to either hurt himself or someone else or directly say he’s going to do that before they can do anything. He’s tricky, though, and hasn’t threatened anyone directly.

Everyone’s guessing this blind post is Aaron Carter and it probably fits. A huge ass face tattoo, accusing your brother of raping a 91-year-old, this dude is getting out of control.

Carter even addressed it yesterday, tweeting out:

…Like honestly, let’s say I did have a mental illness and because I get a face tattoo on MY BODY. you want to tell me publicly to be sent to a mental institution? I’d out be out in five minutes and they’ve already tried. Many times. STOP.

“They’ve already tried.” Someone’s trying to get him help, but it’s not sticking.

Carter recently canceled a string of shows to focus on his mental well-being. At the time, he tweeted out:

I have to put my health first and I hope you can all understand how much I need this time to heal and recharge my batteries. I love you. Stay strong. Stay healthy, and just know I’ll be back next year ready to go. But as a man, this is what I need to do to have some peace. Xo

Even worse, Blind Gossip says this singer has access to a huge “weapons stash” and his family is afraid he’s going to hurt them.

They feel helpless but, even worse, they feel terrified! He has an enormous weapons stash and they are afraid for their lives. Sure they can get restraining orders, but what are they going to do if he hunts them down? Wave a little piece of paper at him? The whole family is seriously discussing how they can go off the grid so he can’t find them.

On an earlier episode of The Doctors this month, he said:

“The official diagnosis is that I suffer from multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia, acute anxiety and manic depression.”

Thanks Hollywood, you’re ruining another child star.

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