Hollywood Costume Designer’s Racist Rant at CVS, Says ‘N**Gers Would All Be Dead’ If She Could Kill Them

When you wake up to your name trending, it may not be a good thing. Heather Lynn Patton was filmed at an Eagle Rock CVS in Los Angeles, yelling out racist stuff like she’d kill all n**gers if she could and that she “hates all n**gers”, among other n-word related rants.

It happened a couple days ago. For reasons unknown, Patton, obviously not yet identified at the time, goes off on whoever’s filming her.

It turns out later she’s Heather Lynn Patton, a Hollywood costume designer, notably for Medium and Private Practice. Patricia Arquette worked with her for two seasons.

“This is really sad. Holy s**t. Wow I’m actually shaking. This was not who she was at all … It’s like I’m watching a person that has completely come undone.”

Audra McDonald worked with her on Private Practice.

Wow. Apparently she worked on Private Practice. I don’t remember her but apparently if not for the law she would’ve killed me and Taye? 🤷🏽‍♀️Harsh

Patton ended up being fired, which duh, was that not gonna happen? She scrubbed her Instagram clean, then put up an Instagram story, apologizing for her umm, behavior, which is putting it lightly. Part of it says:

“…I as a human made the choice to say some words that I should’ve NEVER let come out of my mouth…”

In other words, I should’ve been saying those words in my quiet voice.

There are other interesting parts of her apology. She says “African Americans help[ed] build this very country I am living in…” Haha, yea through slavery.

She also adds a call to action in her apology: “Please allow me to rekindle the love we shall all share amongst each other.” Ummm, I’m not looking to someone who wants to “kill all n**gers” for any Kumbaya moment.

Twitter, being such a wonderful place, decided to dox her. That’s pointless. What are you gonna do with her address? Go over there? Dumb.

I’m imagining the conversation she had with her husband that night. “Sooo, the craziest thing happened at CVS today…”

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