Stacey Dash Arrested For Domestic Battery, Her First Starring Role in Years

If you’re in your 50s and you want to get your name in the headlines because you used to be famous, there are probably better ways to do it than going all Amber Herd on your husband. Someone should have let Stacey Dash know this before she got arrested for domestic battery.

Now, spousal abuse is no laughing matter, so even though I’m about to make a bunch of jokes about it, don’t think that I’m downplaying the significance of what Dash is accused of. But there are a lot of things to laugh at her about here.

For starters, Dash is the one who called 911, claiming she had been attacked. TMZ reported that Dash claimed her husband had choked her, which Dash, through her manager, denied,

Basically, when the police arrived, Dash’s husband showed signs of having been assaulted and she didn’t, so they arrested her. So it seems like her cunning plan backfired.

But it does get funnier. Dash had to explain to the officer that she was in Clueless, which was a movie, and she had been on Fox News.

I feel like asking Stacey Dash if she’s “in anything right now” qualifies as police brutality. The last thing Stacey Dash was in was a YouTube Red movie where she was billed way lower than Logan Paul. She was also in Sharknado 4 and one of  those Hallmark movies your mother likes. Well, and this. More people have probably seen this video than anything she’s been in since Clueless.

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