This Woman had $65,000 of Plastic Surgery to Look Like Jessica Rabbit

Who Framed Roger Rabbit is over thirty years old, but to this day Roger’s wife Jessica Rabbit is the hottest cartoon character ever, American division. I’m not going to get into it about who is hotter, her or Sailor Jupiter, but it’s obviously Sailor Jupiter.

At least one Instagram model would disagree with me, though: Lindi Lee Nunziato spent around $65,000 American dollars to look like Jessica Rabbit.

It worked, but I can’t take those breasts seriously.

Sure they’re big and round, but they just don’t look like proper breasts anymore, they lack wabi-sabi.

She needs red hair though, that was the best part of Jessica Rabbit.

Here’s what she told The Sun about her transformation:

She said: “They’ve [the surgeries] helped me, for the most part. It’s really affected my life in terms of growing my social media. People do jump to conclusions about me, I but I’m just trying to be my best self.

“I started getting surgeries when I was just 19 years old. Since I was a kid I’ve always wanted extremely large breasts, I blame Jessica Rabbit!

Holy crap, she met Ric Flair. I take back all my snark about her weird, overly-round regulation NBA breasts, it was totally worth all that plastic surgery.

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