Aaron Carter had a Brief Moment of Sanity, Quickly Fled Back to Crazy Town

I almost feel bad for Aaron Carter. I say almost because he dated Hilary Duff so f**k that guy, he doesn’t need our pity. But he has been having a pretty rough go of it lately.

Carter went off the deep end, ending up the subject of blind gossip items and making wild allegations against his family members. He also got a giant tattoo on his face, and had to be talked out of doing something stupid by the guy who did said face tattoo.

Carter recently seemed to come to his senses and made a conciliatory gesture to his family on social media, but quickly came to his lack of senses and deleted it.

 Via Fox News:

The troubled singer, 31, tweeted and deleted his desire to make right with brother Nick Carter, writing, “I’ve been very hurt by the fact that my big brother has not made an effort to be part of my life for a long time. So therefore, I lashed out and said some hurtful things I did not mean to say.”

“I love my brother,” he added. “I love my family, and all I want is peace and love for everybody.”

It’s a nice sentiment that he apparently decided he doesn’t stand by. Still hasn’t deleted that Instagram post calling his brother a rapist, though.

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