Alexis Bledel is the Celebrity Most Likely to Give You a Virus

Be careful with Alexis Bledel, she looks cute but she will give you a nasty virus. You know, a computer virus. She’s basically the Typhoid Mary of malware.

Every year, McAfee, the world’s craziest internet security firm, releases information on what celebrities are the most likely to turn your computer into an unusable pile of garbage that just beams your credit card number to every Russian within earshot.

Business Wire had the entire top ten list:

Trailing Bledel at No. 2 is beloved Late Late Night talk show host James Corden, followed by “Game of Thrones” star Sophie Turner (No. 3), actress Anna Kendrick (No. 4), “Us” leading lady Lupita Nyong’o (No. 5), SNL and talk show star Jimmy Fallon (No. 6), martial arts master Jackie Chan (No. 7), rappers and musicians Lil Wayne (No. 8) and Nicki Minaj (No. 9), and finally Marvel actress Tessa Thompson (No. 10).

Now see, I would have guessed the list would be all sexy women and people we want to see naked, but no one wants to see Jimmy Fallon naked. When I have to think of it I just imagine he’s smooth down there like a Ken doll.

Alexis Bledel is the most likely to give your computer a virus if you google her, but I’m guessing Jake Paul is the most likely to give you an actual virus. Just look at that dude, he looks like he has literally everything you can get from a hooker.

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2 years ago

Jackie Chan isn’t a martial arts master. He’s an actor, trained in acrobatics and Chinese opera, and he learned a bit of judo.

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