Celebrate Indian Summer with Instagram Super-Hottie Katya Elise Henry

I’m enjoying an unusually warm week during a normally cold month, so I’m calling this Indian Sumer. There’s no real guidelines on what that means, but it snowed in some parts of the country and I had my windows open today so I’m rolling with it.

Speaking of being unusually hot, Katya Elise Henry.

Kiss my peach is a great name for a swimwear line. Because it means ass but it also kind of means vagina if you think about it, and I definitely have thought about it.

Wow, she’s only 5’2”. That’s tiny for someone so… endowed.

I can’t tell if that picture is photoshopped or if it’s just shot like Game of Thrones where the 6’2” Peter Dinklage was always filmed from very far away to make him look like a little person. I might be thinking of The Lord of the Rings.

Here you go, foot weirdos.

Yes, nutrition. That is why we are here. It’s like seeing a dietician but you don’t get thrown off of your HMO for masturbating during your consultation.

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