Cosplayer Liz Katz is One Sexy Nerd

San Diego Comic Con is in the summer, but there are conventions for comics as well as anime and manga, all year round. And one of the hottest mainstays in the convention circuit is a Liz Katz, former pornstar and current nerd.

Here she is as a female version of Izuku Midoriya from My Hero Academia.

Deku wears way more clothes, but who cares?

Here she is as Bulma from Dragon Ball.

That tattoo is quite something. It’s an ahego, or an extremely exaggerated version of the face you make while having an orgasm.

Yeah, like that.

Katz is an interesting success story because she went from porn to cosplay when so, so often it goes the other way. Like Maitland Ward!

And that’s Luffy, hero of One Piece, the most popular comic book ever. Which is weird, because she has the perfect body to be Nami.

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