Elizabeth Hurley Dressed as a Sexy Uma Thurman for Halloween

I can’t understand how Elizabeth Hurley is as sexy as she is at 54. Wilford Brimley was famously 50 when he starred in Cocoon, a movie about old people in a retirement home. And no offense to Mr. Brimley, but he did not look as good as Elizabeth Hurley does now.

She dressed as The Bride from Kill Bill for Halloween and… wow. I would totally let her spank me with a katana. Or a weird, cheap cutlass prop she has for some reason.

That is for sure not a Hattori Hanzo sword.

She also still has a swimwear line that she models bikinis for.

Again… wow.

Last of the Summer Wine is also the name of a very famous British TV show about three old men, two of whom were younger than Elizabeth Hurley is now. And she looks like this.


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