It Looks Like Ben Affleck is Drinking Again to Cope With the Stress of Being Rich and Successful

Things aren’t going well for Ben Affleck. I mean, to the extent that things can be not going well for someone with a hundred million dollar net worth who has had sex with so many models half his age he’s tired of it. Basically it just means he doesn’t get twenty million dollars to pretend to be Batman again. But not only has this poor schmuck had to resort to celebrity Bumble to find a date, he also appears to be back on the sauce. And he was in Reindeer Games.

Affleck was just in rehab a few months ago to deal with his alcoholism, but Page Six is reporting it didn’t take.

It was not clear what caused Affleck to stumble.

“Sobriety is difficult and elusive for everyone struggling with addiction,” a source told Page Six on Sunday. “Ben has acknowledged he’s going to slip up from time to time … it was never as if this was simply behind him.”

I mean, that’s fair. TMZ caught him on camera and he does look really drunk.

To be fair to Affleck, he wasn’t necessarily drunk. He could have just played in an NFL football game, their players certainly lose their balance like that all the time.

I do empathize with Affleck, though. We’re all taking the loss of the Mallrats TV show pretty hard. Hopefully he can console himself with two Academy Awards and an endless string of naked supermodels long enough to get his life together.

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a reasonable person
a reasonable person
4 years ago

I don’t like ben affleck but I’d love for someone to find out where the papprazzi live and harass them all day. it would be hilarious