Jason Alexander Thinks His Experience as a Marine Biologist Makes Him the Perfect Penguin

After years of preventing Deathstroke the Terminator (or Slade to you Teen Titans fans) from returning to Arrow because Joe Manganiello was going to play him in that Ben Affleck Batman film, none of that is happening and we very nearly got a movie where the super gay vampire from Twilight fought the fat kid from Superbad. Okay, now I kind of want that.

Now that Seth Rogan’s friend has backed out of playing a Batman villain, there are all sorts of rumors about who might be the villain. Seth Rogan was rumored for a day but had already turned it down, because if bargain basement Seth Rogan didn’t want the role why would the real Seth Rogan?

But all hope is not lost, because there is someone out there willing to play The Penguin.

This is a pretty great tweet for a few reasons. First is, obviously, the reference to George Constanta and one of Seinfeld’s most classic moments.  Second is no one doubted for a moment that Jason Alexander wasn’t available; while Julia Louis-Dreyfus was sweeping the Emmys year after year and Michael Richards was saying the n-word, the only thing Jason Alexander has done is a failed sitcom where he played Tony Kornheiser. Yeah, all the Kornheiser fans were really excited for that one.

Alexander followed this up with an even funnier tweet.

I mean, did people think that Jonah Hill died and Jason Alexander responded by making a joke about it? And said joke was the only tweet about it? Is that really a thing that happened? I’m not sure which way actually makes the joke funnier, honestly.

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