Jeremy Renner is a Huge, Crazy Asshole According to his Ex-Wife

I have heard some really outrageous stories of celebrity crazy over the years, but this story about Jeremy Renner is basically “Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken on a boat with Natalie Wood” crazy. TMZ got ahold of some legal documents related to his divorce from ex-wife Sonni that make him look absolutely insane.

I’m almost inclined to believe Renner here because having seen him act I can’t imagine he’s a very good liar. But I find it equally hard to believe anyone would brag about being married to Jeremy Renner.

Renner says over the 1-year marriage, Sonni would brag to friends that she had “bagged an Avenger” and joked she wanted to introduce her own friends to fellow ‘Avenger’ cast members so they could “bag an Avenger as well.”

Jeremy Renner is an Avenger in the way that a place kicker is a football player; sure, he’s on the field and in the uniform, but no one actually thinks of you as a real part of the team.

Also funny that today is the day Disney decided to individually tweet every movie and TV show that will be on their streaming service, effectively flooding any mention of Renner of their followers Twitter timeline. I’m sure it was just a coincidence.

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