Lady Gaga Nearly Dies Because Fan Drops Her While Air Humping Her

It’s hard to tell your fans they’re idiots when you love them so much. Lady Gaga fell off a stage and almost broke her back when an overzealous fan picked her up and started humping her on stage.

I don’t care if these are my little “monsters” or whatever she calls her fans. If you almost end my career, you’re gonna hear about it. No one’s paying to see Lady Gaga perform in a wheelchair.

Lady Gaga supposedly wasn’t hurt, so she was able to bring her fan onstage and assure him that she didn’t hold anything against him and neither should any of her fans.

She told her fan, “You promise me you’re not gonna be sad about that, right?” That idiot fan said “I promise” then put his head on her shoulder why Gaga closed her eyes and held her hands in prayer. Probably silently banishing him to a lifetime of Katy Perry concerts.

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