‘New Girl’s’ Lamorne Morris Expresses Righteous Indignation After Bullshit Arrest

I have no idea what Lamorne Morris has done with his life since New Girl ended, but damn if he wasn’t an integral part of New Girl, the last good hangout sitcom. Morris was a last minute addition to the cast after Damon Wayans, Jr. went back to work on Happy Endings, another amazing hang-out sitcom which got an unexpected pickup, but he turned out to be one of the most vibrant, fun characters on what was a show full of silly and larger-than-life characters.

In other words, he deserves better than how he was treated by police. In fact, the entire country deserves better than the treatment the police give African-Americans in the USA.

TMZ reported that Morris was rightly enraged about being arrested for filming the police as they arrested his friend for the crime of being assaulted.

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3 years ago

You can film the police. Yes, this is true. From a distance and you can’t get in the way of an investigation. Which is what he absolutely did. He should have been arrested. He should have stood away, filmed and asked for the officers badge and name. But he charged in and got in the way, the officer didn’t know if he had a gun or was going to attack, I’d like to hear the WHOLE story on this one. We only got one side, and as usual, the media runs with it without a shred of evidence. Cut to… Read more »

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