Please Stop Groping Adam DeVine

Dear women: if Adam DeVine wants you to grab his ass, he will give you affirmative consent to do so. I know you ladies think you can just go around doing whatever you want with impunity and not face any consequences, but only men can do that. So you seriously need to stop grabbing Adam DeVine’s bits.

DeVine told Glamour that “at least 25 women” have grabbed his ass without permission.

Yeah, constantly after shows. If I’m in a huge group, women just grab my butt as if it’s a thing that’s okay. And I’m here to say: Ladies, I know it’s a meaty handful and I know it looks scrumptious, but keep those paws to yourselves.

Just because he has a sense of humor and doesn’t yell at you doesn’t mean he’s okay with it.

I mean, I feel like I react how a lot of women might react when something weird like that happens: You just awkwardly keep it moving. I’m not going to scream at some girl who just grabbed me, but I don’t know what they thought they were going to get out of that exchange other than a handful of my rump.

He does take a lot of pride in his ass, apparently. I just think it’s weird women can’t keep their hands off of Adam DeVine. I mean, he’s cute in like a little brother way and I think a lot of us really liked him on Modern Family, but he’s not really a sex symbol. But maybe that’s what makes these women think they can get away with it.

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