Sienna Miller Has a Harvey Weinstein Story That Doesn’t Involve Sexual Assault, Surprise!

This qualifies as good press for Harvey Weinstein, I guess? Sienna Miller has a story about Weinstein that doesn’t involve him inviting young actresses to his room under false pretenses, then coercing them for sex.

It does involve Weinstein making Miller cry though. This happened back in 2006. Miller finished Factory Girl, which talks about Edie Sedgwick meeting Andy Warhol. Miller had a reputation as a party girl at the time. One story has her embarrassing herself in front of Sean Penn at the Chateau Marmont.

One pal said: “Hollywood is a lot more po-faced about people having a good time than you imagine. It is an industry town and the industry is movies. Sienna was having a good time, but it wasn’t the kind of behaviour the moguls like.  She’s partying hard, some of us would say too hard. We sat her down and told her she needed to count to 10 and cool it. There was a scene with Sean Penn in the bar where she was being a little too familiar and we knew it was time to have a word.”

Interesting that in 2008 there was gossip that she broke up Sean Penn and Robin Wright’s marriage.

Anyway, at the time, Weinstein didn’t approve of Miler’s partying ways and made her feel like he was her dad.

He sat me down, stood up, and said, “You’re not partying any more.” It felt like a paternal lecture,’ she remembers. ‘He slammed the door and I burst into tears, then he came back in and went, “It’s because I’m f*cking proud of you.” And slammed it again.’

Weinstein surprisingly did not take out his dick or jerk off into a cooking pot.

Miller, in her interview with Elle, sounds like she’s calmed down.

Miller says her thirties have provided clarity. ‘There’s relief in it for me,’ she says. ‘The stillness, the sense of impending wisdom.’

Funny that later on Elle says she’s on “the relaxed side of 35.” Haha, c’mon Elle, just say old.

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4 years ago

Interesting that story about Sienna being “too familiar” with Sean Penn at the bar but none of these people thought of “having a word” with Penn, considering it takes too. Of course the (older, connected, wealthier) white guy is never questioned, god forbid. Let’s slut shame the woman. Whatever it was in any case, Sienna and Robin Wright are best friends, Robin calling Sienna the only close friends she has in the industry.