Snoop Dogg Wants a ‘Minority Clause’ for Legal Weed

Snoop Dogg is a pretty smart guy, and he recently expressed a very smart opinion about a subject we all know is near and dear to his heart: weed. Snoop Dogg wants to make sure that minorities aren’t excluded from the emerging legal weed market and he’s right to feel that way.

Before we get into it, here’s what he said at a Revolt Summit, via Page Six.

“I think there should be some sort of minority clause, the way that they do in sports with the NBA and the NFL, where they make certain rules where the minority has to get the first dibs.”

“Like, you gotta be somebody of color or somebody from that community to get first in action and then the rest of you motherf—ers with money get action. Because it shouldn’t be based on no money.”

Now, what he means here is that, for example, if an NFL team is looking to hire a new head coach, they have to pay a fine is they don’t interview a minority candidate for the job. The reason is, pretty obviously, that the league didn’t feel minorities, especially African-Americans, were being given enough opportunities to coach despite a large majority of players being African-American.

So why should we give minorities a chance to be the first people into the legal weed market before the “motherfuckers with money” you ask? Well, America has been engineering the mass incarceration of minorities ever since the end of the Civil War, and the drug laws are a big part of that. Do you think “marijuana” sounds a little weird, especially since that plant has traditionally been called hemp or cannabis? Well, that’s because the name is intentionally Spanish-sounding to demonize both it and Mexicans at the same time.

The “War on Drugs” was a war on minorities that has been used as excuse to fill increasingly privatized prisons where those minorities are often used as slave labor. When presidential candidate Kamala Harris was the Attorney General of California, her office argued against the early release of inmates because they were too valuable as free labor.

Now that weird ending the war on drugs and heading to a world where weed is legal and people are allowed to make money from it, the people who have been denied their liberty should be the people who get the opportunity to make that money instead of the giant corporations who fought to keep it illegal to protect their own profits and limit competition.

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