The Kardashians had a Sexy and Silly Halloween

Halloween is a favorite holiday for people people of all ages. Children love it because you get to dress up like superhero or a Fortnite skin or Ruth Bader Ginsberg or Donald Trump if you’re the kind of kid who is going to get their doctorate before their first kiss. Adults love Halloween because it’s an excuse to be weird, go to a party and act like a huge slut.

But what if your entire life is already just partying and being a slut? Well, that would make you a Kardashian and Halloween would basically be your Christmas.

So what was America’s second-most powerful family of rich idiots do for Halloween?

Well, Kim released this video of her recreating part of Legally Blonde because she’s studying to be a lawyer.

Yeah, that’s pretty cute.

Kylie Jenner was a slutty Little Mermaid while her daughter Stormi went as her mother Kylie, which is adorable.

Kardashian clan matriarch took a page out of Kylie and Kendall’s book and went as cultural appropriation.

Kourtney says she went as Vampira, the B-movie host who inspired Elvira, but she looks a lot more like Morticia Addams to me.

You can really go all-out when you have a ton of money and contribute nothing to society, I guess.

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