Videos of Washington Redskins Head Coach Jay Gruden Allegedly Smoking Weed and Chasing College Girls Resurface

NFL scandals are pretty good this year. You had Antonio Brown’s frostbitten feet. Now there’s purportedly video of Washington Redskins head coach Jay Gruden smoking weed, hanging out at a bar and flirting with young women outside. There’s also video supposedly him all high, slumped on the sidewalk, trying his best to stay relevant to some girl half his age. Oh yea, Gruden’s married too.

You can see in the first video, when whoever’s filming this calls out “Jay!”, there’s a moment of recognition on the guy’s face, a calculation of how soon he’ll get fired, then a quick “whatever” as he goes back to hitting on the girl.

If this is Gruden, then that last video is of an NFL head coach, drunk or high sitting on a sidewalk, doing his best to draw up a game plan on the ass of a college girl. “Here’s where the X goes, and here’s the ohhhhh…”

There’s a conspiracy theory that a Redskins member leaked this video so the team could fire Gruden without pay.

Some in league circles wonder whether the team leaked the videos as a precursor to a potential termination of Gruden with cause, which would allow the team to fire him without paying the balance of his salary.

No wonder this team is 0-4. Everyone’s out to get everyone else, and the owner knows nothing about football, but bought the team for vanity purposes.

The Redskins had no comment on the video, but no one expects this guy to last another week. If you’re asked for a gameplan prior to a professional football game and your response is “We don’t have one right now,” you might as well go light a joint, get blasted at the college bar and cheat on your wife. You’ve already called it quits.

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