World Series Protestors Brought Naked Boobs to National Television

Hey, did you catch the big protest at Game 5 of the World Series?

No, not the protests against Trump. I mean, it was really funny to see all the color drain out of his and Melania’s faces when they realized the entire stadium was booing them, but that’s not what this is about.

This is about the “Free the Nipple” protestors behind home plate who flashed their tatas at Fox’s cameras.

Yeah, that happened. That was like a quadruple Janet Jackson. Joe Buck seemed shocked into silence there, which is not an everyday occurrence.

TMZ caught up with the women behind the protest and it turns out they’re models who were looking to promote breast cancer awareness and themselves, as well as protesting the toplessness double standards in society.

I am also a supporter of Free the Nipple, I think women should be able to shake their melons wherever and whenever they choose.

The two women who baked their potatoes at the World Series are models named Julia Rose and Lauren Summer, and they’re both Instagram models and they’re very committed to being topless.


Keep fighting the good fight, ladies.

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