Antonio Brown was Wildin’ on Twitter

Antonio Brown is maybe the best wide receiver in the game today, which makes you realize what a pain in the ass he must be to have been cut by two different teams after about a week. The two teams to fire him, by the way, are the ones most associated with being a collection of rule-breaking criminals.

Brown is just days away from getting to tell his side of the story about the rape allegations against him to the league, so he did what anyone would do and absolutely lost his s**t on social media. TMZ recorded the now-deleted tweets.

Pretty firm there. Saves a lot of problems for everyone if he just quits. He made something like $80 million with the Steelers, it’s not like he needs to ever work again.

But he changed his mind a few hours later, deleted all those tweets and made this one.

That’s something approaching humility for Brown, which is surprising. Maybe he will get to play on the NFL again one day. It’s not like all 32 NFL teams would keep a perfectly good player out of the league for political reasons, would they?

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