Cool Young Person Bernie Sanders Endorsed By Another Cool Young Person Ariana Grande

If you haven’t been paying attention to the Democratic debates, here’s a bit of breaking news just for you: Joe Biden is old. Like, really old. While he’s up on stage confusing his words and talking about the dangers of marijuana pills, poor ol’ Joe finally has the American public questioning how wise it is to give Grandpa nuclear launch codes.

But fear not, Bernie Bros! Your elderly man of choice remains unsoiled by the cruelties of age, thanks in part to a ringing endorsement from hip important young person Ariana Grande.

TMZ reports that after the spry, baby-faced Sanders attended Grande’s November 19th concert in Atlanta, the singer tweeted out a message of support, describing Sanders as “MY GUY.” The all-caps approach was presumably used for the benefit of Joe Biden’s tired, fading eyes.

While sharing photos of herself hugging Sanders, Grande discussed her ongoing efforts with to register concertgoers to vote. It’s kind of like Rock the Vote, which of course an avid MTV enthusiast like Bernie Sanders would recognize.

So don’t you worry about Bernie’s viability. With the power of popular music on his side, he’s pretty much president already. But when this endorsement proves to be a rocket to the moon, will Joe Biden be able to catch up? Or will his Rascal scooter be left in the dust?

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