Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot and More Say ‘Release the Snyder Cut’

Justice League was a terrible movie. It had more hype than any movie released this decade other than Avengers: Endgame, and it ended being… not unwatchable, but just boring and silly. Legend has it, however, that there is a version of this movie that is actually good. Deep in the bowels of Warner Brothers vault, never to be released (like the Animaniacs) lies the Snyder Cut.

The Snyder Cut saving Justice League hinges on Zack Snyder being a better director than Joss Whedon, a statement I would have laughed in your face about if you told it to me after the first Avengers was released but that seems if not likely then at least probable after seeing the second Avengers movie.

Fans have been clamoring to see the Snyder cut of Justice League basically since they saw Justice League because why not, is it going to be worse? But things really picked up steam on Sunday when Snyder and the cast of the film started tweeting the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut hashtag.

Ray Fisher, who played Cyborg, deleted every other tweet on his account and changed his profile to read #ReleaseTheSnyderCut.

Jason Momoa already expressed his desire to see it released over the summer, saying he had seen it and it was “ssssiiicccckkkkkk.”

But it seems like having so many of the stars spontaneously call for it being released all at once, all of the sudden, means something must be going on with it behind the scenes. And Warner had to see that there’s genuine interest in it as the hashtag shot to the top of Twitter’s trending topics, so even if a release announcement isn’t imminent, it seems like there’s a lot of momentum around it. Justice League was a big, expensive failure for Warner, and if a cut of it exists that can redeem that legacy and maybe increase back catalogue sales, I’d be surprised if we didn’t eventually see it.

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