Brigitte Nielsen Says She Banged Sean Penn to Spite Madonna

There’s nothing in the world that makes for quite as interesting a celebrity story as spite. Sure, it’s always fun when two celebrities are dating or whatever you want to call what Mick Jagger and David Bowie did in the 80s, but none of that is quite as interesting as what happens when two celebrities hate each other.

It turns out that Brigitte Nielsen hates Madonna, and this lead to a funny story that she recounted on The Talk, via People.

“She was very rude and I ended up giving her a slap across the face,” she added, claiming that she was escorted out of the club for her actions.

But that wasn’t all. According to Nielsen, she got her revenge on the Material Girl behind closed doors.

“The best part is yet to come: A couple months later in the south of France, I got back at her for being rude [by] having a one-night stand with Sean Penn,” she said.

So first of all, Brigitte Nielsen is basically a giant, and she’s nearly a foot taller than Madonna. I’m kind of surprised she didn’t knock Madge’s teeth out with that slap.

Second, fucking someone’s husband because they stepped on your feet is just at the perfect intersection of crazy and petty that makes for a good celebrity story. It’s the sort of thing that provokes a reactions of “that’s awesome, but also you’re a fucking lunatic.”

Personally, I love it. It takes a lot of dedication to be that much of an asshole but still have everyone be on your side because Madonna is just that terrible. I mean, the fake British accent alone…

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