Girl Sucks Her Dog’s Tongue to Go Viral

Sucking your dog’s tongue is not why we invented social media. We all know social media is for selling Fit Tea as an influencer and girls in bikinis. This girl takes it too far.

On the subreddit r/Trashy, someone posted this girl sucking her dog’s tongue. Fully sticking her dog’s huge ass, butthole licking tongue into her mouth, then sucking it while she pulled it out.

This is not how you go viral. This is how you have the internet come after you, get arrested and then you lose your job.

That’s what happened a couple years ago to another dog tongue-sucker.

She posted herself holding her tiny dog, licking her dog’s tongue, then biting and pulling it. The way her dog’s tongue snaps back is sad. So disturbing.

While we’re on it, did you see the woman breastfeeding her dogs? Obviously NSFW.

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Thomas Smegma
Thomas Smegma
4 years ago
3 years ago

Hi, I’m one of the producers at MTV’s Ridiculousness (hosted by pro skater Rob Dyrdek).  We would love to feature this video an upcoming episode.  Do you happen to know who filmed this? Please send me a DM and I’ll give you details.  Thanks!