Hunter McGrady, the Curviest ‘Sports Illustrated’ Model Ever, is Back

There are 48 shopping days until Christmas, and you know what that means: The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is just around the corner. I mean, it’s always just around the corner because it seems like they start promoting next year’s models before this year’s issue is even out. The upshot of this is there’s very little waiting to see sexy women like Hunter McGrady.

SI and McGrady are giving us a preview of her spread in next year’s magazine.

That’s a cool swimsuit, actually.

They all look good on her, though.

2020 is going to be a good year.

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3 years ago

Those aren’t curves. Those are fat rolls. I know the difference because I probably have individual fat rolls that weigh more than she does.
I’m not against fashion using bigger models. I think it’s necessary. But the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition is NOT fashion. It’s fantasy. And fat fetish is such a niche market that it ruins the fantasy for the majority of people.

3 years ago
Reply to  Bando

That’s not an insightful comment, it’s hot garbage. I know the difference because I’m not a piece of s**t. Fake ass concern troll