Instagram Model Liz Katz’s Daenerys Cosplay Almost Makes Watching The End of ‘Game of Thrones’ Worth It

I’m still not over how bad the end of Game of Thrones was. I mean, yes, the wine moms getting super mad about their favorite character being Dragon Hitler was hilarious, but it wasn’t worth ignoring years of development and having all the unresolved plot threads left hanging at the end. I mean, how were Jon and Daenerys even special? What was the point of all the prophecy and intrigue around them if Jon’s cousins did everything? But I digress.

One thing that’s made it all worthwhile is Liz Katz’s Daenerys cosplay.

I don’t know what scene this is from that she has her tits out, but I’m not complaining. You know, in the A Song of Ice and Fire books, Daenerys had one breast out at all times for like, three novels. Basically the entire time she was in Meereen she had a titty flapping in the breeze because that was the style. Really would have been a better show if they had left that in.

No more Dany cosplay pictures but Liz is so gorgeous we’ll show a few more.

That’s a pretty good Bulma. And Dragon Ball never went of the rails and turned to crap. Wait, what? GT? Never heard of it.

South Park really nailed their Game of Thrones episode in retrospect, didn’t they? They got it better than HBO at least.

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