Iskra Lawrence is Celebrating Impending Motherhood by Getting Naked

I know two things about Iskra Lawrence: she’s gorgeous and she’s pregnant. I know both of these things just from checking out her Instagram.

All pregnancy reveals should have nudity. Gender reveals, too. Just hire an androgynous stripper of the correct gender and wait for them to whip their junk out during “Pour Some Sugar on Me” instead of blowing your stupid ass up with pink tannerite.

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I grew up, I’m sure like many of you, not in a big city but a small town. Watching shows and reading magazines about my dream career – modelling. That may not have been your dream but I think you can agree when you don’t have contacts, money, or live anywhere near the big cities where many opportunities are it feels impossible. I’ve been working my tits off in the industry for 16years, it was not an overnight success story. I was dropped by agencies rejected hundreds of times for 10years straight, body shamed for being too big AND too small. And I’m a very privileged person (white, able bodied, cis female etc), so I’m highly aware of how much harder marginalised people have it. But I do hope that my story can relate to some of you, and today I’ve made a video all about the struggles, failures and worst experiences as a model. Link in my bio to watch▶️ . Because social media tends to be a highlight reel and that’s very very unrealistic and I want you to know that however impossible your dreams feel right now, you can make it if you take action and work for it, find your unique power and purpose and never give up. Love you all and I will never forget that I wouldn’t be here without all your support – I’m forever grateful🙏❤️ . . @kincommunity @allinwithiskra #allinwithiskra #modelling #selflove #success #empowerment #motivation #yougotthis #noretouching #aeriereal #nophotoshop

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It’s nice to know you can still look like that when you’re pregnant.

She really doesn’t look much different, honestly.

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