Jorge Masvidal Calls Conor McGregor a ‘Midget’ and ‘Retard’

Jorge Masvidal, fresh off his “win” against Nate Diaz, had a few choice words for Conor McGregor. At his press conference after UFC 244, Masvidal says Conor McGregor wanted Nate Diaz to win because he’s scared of Masvidal. Masvidal, while munching on pizza and drinking mezcal, was responding to a reporter’s question about a potential fight between him and McGregor.

“I don’t know man, that dude’s been talking wild…If he fights and gets a victory and he wants this? And some of you motherfuckers are mean, man, because you know what the f**k I’ll do to that little dude. I’ll f**k that little guy up, man. He’s a fucking midget.

Dana White, president of this motherfucking company, said I’m too much man for him. I get it why people wanna see him hurt, for those stunts he’s been pulling. But he don’t want this s**t. He’s just talking to get his name out there.

He was cheering with Nate, he wanted to run it back with Nate, you think he’s at home saying, ‘I want to fight that dude.’ That dude ain’t retarded. He punches old people in the face because those are fights that he could win. He don’t want this s**t.”

Masvidal’s definitely right on a couple points. McGregor’s just talking to get his name in the conversation. That’s why he tweeted he wanted a “coolest motherfucker belt” since the UFC gave out a “baddest motherfucker belt” to the winner of Masvidal and McGregor.

From a fight point of view, Masvidal’s got the reach and height, so it would tire Conor out trying to reach and punch him.

Still, a Conor fight makes anyone a millionaire. Masvidal’s no idiot. He’ll have no problem destroying Conor and cashing an easy paycheck.

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