Josh Duggar Gets Visit From Homeland Security, Answering Our Prayers

Those of you who hate reality television but love long-delayed justice may have something to look forward to. According to reports from TMZ, some fine folks from Homeland Security recently paid a visit to an auto dealership in Arkansas—where Josh Duggar works. According to the report:

Agents went to the dealership in Springdale, AR in connection with a federal probe… according to sources close to the situation.

You might remember Josh as a member of the wholesome brood from 19 Kids and Counting, but chances are better that you recall the stories of him molesting his siblings when he was a teenager that became front page news in 2015. Oh, and he was outed as a cheater in the Ashley Madison data breach. How embarrassing!

TMZ’s report goes on to clarify that the feds haven’t paid a visit to the Duggar’s home, which is a bummer, and a spokesperson for the family denies that any of the Duggars are under investigation, topping off the killjoy sundae. It’s entirely possible that Homeland Security was looking for someone else (if Joey Buttafuoco taught us anything, it’s that weirdos of all stripes work with cars), so we can always keep our fingers crossed. After all, isn’t keeping faith what the Duggars are all about? I mean, besides the fucking creepy stuff.

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