Kylie Jenner Sold Her Makeup Line, Will Have To Be Content With $600 Million

People do all kinds of crazy things to make extra money for Christmas presents. Take a second job as a mall Santa, record the world’s shittiest  cover of a beloved holiday classic, put in overtime, whatever it takes. Kylie Jenner sold her makeup company for $600 million dollars, so I can only assume Stormi is getting a small island nation for Christmas.

Paper had the details of the sale, which sees Jenner retaining a minority stake in the company.

Jenner has sold off 51 percent of the company to the New York cosmetics multinational Coty, which also owns Tiffany & Co, CoverGirl, and Balenciaga, for $600 million. She and her team will remain on board in a creative capacity.

The sale means Kylie Cosmetics will be rebranded as “Kylie Beauty.” In a press release, Jenner emphasized that she’ll remain in communication with her customers.

Not bad, I wish my dad was an Olympic hero and my mom divorced O.J.’s lawyer and I was on my porn star sister’s reality show so I could become a billionaire through my own hard work of putting my name on things.

I mean, it does look like a quality product.

Jenner is apparently going to maintain a presence at the company, but I can only imagine she’ll retire to the beach eventually.

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