Sarah Hyland Stays Positive About This Photo Of Her Wrinkly Stomach

Sarah Hyland has had a really tough road in her life as a sitcom star. She has kidney displasia which has lead to her having two kidney transplants, which is not great.

But she is doing great, and after 10 seasons on Modern Family, Hyland is going to be headlining her own sitcom next season. And she’s engaged. It’s a great time to be Sarah Hyland.

it’s kind of sad that she has so many body image issues, mostly stemming from her kidney displasia. Which is kind of crazy, she’s gorgeous, just look at this picture her fiancé took of her boob falling out at dinner.

But Hyland recently posted a picture she said she hates, one where a paparazzi snapped her in casual clothes that lets you see some loose skin on her stomach.

She also talked about why she chose to highlight the picture.

To my fellow #invisibleillness warriors. It’s ok to be insecure about your body. Just remember to check in with yourself at least once a day and say thank you. Our bodies have endured unfathomable feats that our minds barely have time to comprehend what has actually happened. With inflammation, excess water gain, and medications, my skin has a hard time bouncing back. I saw this picture and HATED it but quickly readjusted my attitude and decided to celebrate it. Love yourself and be patient. We are all stronger than we think we are.

I mean, no one looks perfect all the time. Sarah kind of comes close, though.

It is nice of Sarah to talk about her struggles, though, and this isn’t the first time she’s done it. But everyone has struggles, and I’m sure it helps a lot of people knowing that a famous, beautiful TV star has the same struggles they do.

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