Steve Irwin’s Niece Rebecca Lobie Defends Sexy Instagram Account, Fires Back at Bullies

I never realized this, but apparently Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin and his family have cultivated a family-friendly image. Call me silly but I never realized the show where the dude went around punching wild animals in the face was meant for kids. I mean, he was Australian, that alone means teens and up to me.

But apparently the Irwins are a family brand, and it caused a bit of a flap when people found out his insanely gorgeous niece has a sexy Instagram account.

How sexy?

God lord, that is sexy. And apparently people were mad about this. I don’t know why, I imagine that 20% of Internet users are just Dana Carvey’s Church Lady at this point.

Lobie had a firm response for people trying to shame her on her Instagram Story, via Fox News:

“To all the people that think it’s ok to post mean comments about me, or worse, my family ITS NOT,” Lobie said. “Stop being Bullies If you don’t like me or my Insta don’t go on it. To everyone else Thank you for your support love you.”

We’re on her side.

Stupid Instagram nipple ban.

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