Super Sexy Model Demi Rose has the Weirdest Runway Walk Ever

With almost 11 million followers on Instagram, Demi Rose is pretty popular. So does anyone care that she looks super weird walking a runway. Yes, yes we do.

That’s basically only an acceptable way to walk if you’ve just started doing it. And the Internet was all over it.

To be fair, though, Demi Rose did a pretty good job addressing it.

But really… was anyone actually looking at her walk? I would never have even noticed if it hadn’t been pointed out. But still, maybe it’s better if she sticks to still photographs on Instagram.

No one is going to say she doesn’t know what she’s doing there.

I’ve revised my opinion on her runway walk, I’m now just impressed she can walk at all without tipping over.

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3 years ago

Of course it’s hard for her to walk, she’s over 50% polyethylene. We’re still a long way away from fully realistic synthetic human analogs. Don’t worry though, science will find a way.

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