Taylor Swift Fans Send Scooter Braun Death Threats Amid AMA Drama

A few days ago, Taylor Swift asked her fans for help in her dispute with Scooter Braun, the venture capitalist asshole who bought the rights to her first six albums. And according to TMZ, her fans have responded by sending a barrage of death threats to Braun and Swift’s former label Big Machine.

Seems productive. It also doesn’t even matter, because after some conflicting reports, Big Machine has clarified that they won’t be blocking Swift from performing her songs at the American Music Awards.

Here’s what Big Machine told Variety:

The Big Machine Label Group and Dick Clark Productions announce that they have come to terms on a licensing agreement that approves their artists’ performances to stream post show and for re-broadcast on mutually approved platforms. This includes the upcoming American Music Awards performances. It should be noted that recording artists do not need label approval for live performances on television or any other live media. Record label approval is only needed for contracted artists’ audio and visual recordings and in determining how those works are distributed.

DCP denied “coming to terms” with Big Machine and said the matter was between them and Swift.

But in another interesting turn, Fox reported that Scooter Braun basically wants nothing to do with this and is annoyed with Scott Borchetta, who is apparently the person behind this public feud with Swift.

“Scooter is frustrated because his name is being dragged in the mud,” an insider told the outlet on Monday. “He doesn’t run Big Machine or have operational control of [the] company. He hasn’t taken part in these negotiations.”

They also reported that Braun has been reaching out to Swift to bury the hatchet, but Swift hasn’t been taking his calls because why would she? She’s got her fans threatening to kill him and his family and his employees and Elizabeth Warren taking her side on Twitter, plus she gets to sell her fans six albums they already bought next year, this feud is working out really well for her.

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