The People Who Are Angry About Everything Are Angry About ‘The Mandalorian’ Not Having Enough Women

Do you know how long it’s been since there was a good live action Star Wars? Forty years. Jimmy Carter was still in the White House the last time there was a good Star Wars movie. And we’ve finally gotten another one in spite of Disney’s complete and utter incompetence at making Star Wars movies (they’re currently 0-4, seemingly soon to be 0-5).

It’s called The Mandalorian and it’s a Chanbara and Spaghetti Western inspired story of a bounty hunter who befriends a tiny baby… whatever the hell Yoda is. We’re only two episodes in, but so far it’s everything Star Wars should be.

The debacle about the lack of women in the show was seemingly set off by a tweet from YouTuber Anita Sarkeesian who claimed the show had no speaking parts for women even though it clearly did, something which Sarkeesian acknowledged later but didn’t think it was a big enough role.

From my recollection, the entire second episode of The Manadalorian essentially only had two characters with any lines; so far, the show is very light on dialogue. It’s very driven by atmosphere and action.

But should we care that a television show doesn’t have as many women as some people would like? Absolutely not. It’s absolutely fine for one episode of one TV show with a very small cast to not have any women in it. And you’re entitled to complain about that if you want, but you’re not “standing up to the patriarchy” by doing it.

Also, anyone who liked The Last Jedi but not The Mandalorian has severely suspect taste.

And who’s to say all the Jawas in the second episode aren’t female? Do you know how to sex a Jawa?

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3 years ago

Guess she missed the part where the leader of the mandalorian’s clan in ep 1 was female…

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