This ‘Playboy’ Model Keeps Getting Felt Up By Zoo Animals

I don’t know what kind of perfume Francis James wears, but she should consider changing it. The gorgeous Playboy model posted a video on her Instagram of a lemur just going to town on her… let’s keep it classy and say ample bosom.

But that isn’t even the crazy part, because in August James went viral when an elephant felt her up and tried to rip her top off with its trunk.

Yeah, same woman. She also appears to have been spotted with a camel.

Hey, I kept it classy for as long as I could.

When I do that I just get asked to leave the bodega.

Ducks, too.

And there’s that camel again.

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4 years ago

Clarooooo Lo que pasó fue que el Elefante Se Volvió Loco Al Ver Semejantes Lolas Hermosas. Y claro se aprovechó, y succionó la parte de arriba del Bikini y la dejo en Pelotas a la PLAYBOY. (Aclaración Los Elefantes Tienen Una poderosa succión en su larga TROMPA, es cómo una #SUPERASPIRADORA). Lo Que Chupa se lo lleva o tal Caso Te deja Desnudo Cómo le pasó a esta PLAYMATE que la Dejo con Las Tetas Al Aire en Pelotas.