Two Time Miss Bumbum Suzy Cortez Looks Smoking Hot in Tropical Photoshoot

America is losing its standing as the world’s only superpower and something we all have to deal with. You might think it’s because of the ascendancy of China or the failure of 40 years of neoliberalism, but I think it’s because we’re getting killed in the beauty pageant department.

While we faff about taking the swimsuit contest out of Miss America, Brazil has a Miss Bumbum pageant to find the woman with the best ass. Instagram model Suzy Cortez has won that title on two non-consecutive occasions.

I get it. And look at how amazing she looks in this metallic bikini.

I am sure she could win all sorts of body-part-themed beauty pageants.

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The Night Slasher
The Night Slasher
3 years ago

Looks like a man. Yuck.

3 years ago

WHAT is going ON with her in that ufc picture?!?!?