‪John Boyega Spent New Year’s Eve Clapping Back at the Most Toxic ‘Star Wars’ Fans‬

Star Wars

You know what’s weird? When Star Wars fans say they don’t like a movie that Disney spent $4 billion on, the reports all say how toxic they are, how they’re doing harassment and calls them “the fandom menace.” When they harass a black actor from the films because he made a joke about their “OTP” and hurt their little shipper feelings, though, it’s nobody’s fault.

John Boyega spent New Year’s Eve being undefeated against toxic Reylo shippers who attacked him over a simple joke he made on Facebook.

Basically, in response to someone mentioning Finn can get with Rey now that Kylo Ren is dead, Boyega said “It’s not about who she kisses but who eventually lays the pipe.” Pretty funny, right? Well, so-called “Reylo” shippers, which is to say weirdos who are obsessed with movie characters fucking, got very mad about it.

John Boyega, however, is no longer under contract with Disney and gives zero fucks. He responded to the people claiming to be offended first with this post showing Rey running Kylo through with a lightsaber.

Then people got mad about this and Boyega started owning people so hard they deleted their accounts.

He also took a break to retweet this.

Also, Boyega’s gif game is on point. Look at how he effortlessly dismisses the abuse he’s getting.

And the big finale is reminding these people that Star Wars is fiction. Which, to be honest, a lot of shippers need to be reminded of that fact. They tend to get crazy and insist that the actors who play the characters they want to see f**k are secretly fucking.

And end with a Joker kick.

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