A Third Kevin Spacey Accuser is Dead. They Just Have the Worst Luck

It’s a bad time to be someone who publicly accused Kevin Spacey of inappropriate sexual behavior. These people are just dying under suspicious circumstances in what I’m sure is a series of coincidences.

Just a few months ago, two of Spacey’s accusers mysteriously died, one in almost exactly the same way as Spacey’s character in House of Cards murders someone. It’s just one of those crazy coincidences that allowed Kevin Spacey to entirely skate on all the civil and criminal charges pending against him.

On Christmas Eve, Spacey posted a weird video to Twitter, his first social media post since he posted a weird video on Twitter last Christmas Eve.

Just Kevin Spacey acting in character as Frank Underwood, the powerful, terrible and unaccountable character he played in House of Cards talking about killing his enemies with kindness. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Then on Christmas Day, Ari Behn, an author and a member of the Norwegian royal family died by an apparent suicide. Behn previously said Kevin Spacey made a pass at him by grabbing his dick under the table, which is a very Kevin Spacey move.

Behn was 47, which seems about 35 years too old for Spacey.

It’s just a really sad coincidence that this keeps happening and I’m sure it’s absolutely not some sort of message that you should keep your mouth shut about Kevin Spacey. And I’m sure in a few months when that guy from Star Trek falls out of a spaceship, that will also be a coincidence.

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3 years ago

He’s taken a page from his friends, the Clintons, playbook on how to make your problems go away.
Also, Epstein didn’t kill himself…