Australia’s Olivia Mathers’ Hotness is the Leading Cause of Global Warming… Also Coal

Sometimes the hardest part of my job is just sitting here with my thoughts and making a pros and cons lists about making a joke about the Australian wildfires that have killed at least 5 people for a story about how an Instagram model has nice boobs. I love you Australia, you may be bad at electing Prime Ministers but you’re good cunts, you have a sense of humor and you gave us Jim Jeffries. Of course, you also gave us Chris Lillie, so it’s kind of a wash. But stay safe.

While you’re staying safe, enjoy these pictures of your hometown girl Olivia Mathers beating the heat while you beat… well, never mind.

Those are some serious abs.

Pee jokes aside, that’s some swimsuit. It looks like it was left over from one of those weird Japanese bondage pornos. I guess the pee joke is on point, come to think of it.

I feel like we’re getting the answer to the question “How long can legs be?”

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