Billie Eilish is Being Savaged for Saying Lady Gaga’s Stupid Meat Dress was Stupid

Have you guys heard of Billie Eilish yet? She’s the hottest new singer since Lizzo. Remember Lizzo? And wasn’t there someone who wrote a song about a horse? Also, whatever happened to Psy? Ah, whatever, we have a new favorite musician now and I’m sure she’ll be in our hearts forever, just like Lou Bega.

Eilish learned that fandom was a mistake when she came under fire from Lady Gaga’s fans for replying to Gaga’s famous beef dress that everyone hated and thought was moronic and made fun of for years by saying “yikes.”

To be fair to the little monsters, who are also apparently actual monsters, Billy Eilish does always look like she’s on her way to the laundromat.

She’s also kind of cute in a “dead behind the eyes high school girlfriend you only dated because you weren’t in the popular crowd and she was gettable” way.

Doesn’t she look exactly like someone you’d take to prom because the person you wanted to go with already had a date?

Still, Gaga’s fans are a little… unhinged?

Yes, the only reason singers are allowed to wear stupid outfits and be weird is Lady Gaga. Bjork? What’s a Bjork? Cher? Like from Clueless?

But at least one person made some actual sense.

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