Brie Larson Stunned Everyone With Her Drop-Dead Gorgeous Look on ‘Kimmel’

For some reason, Brie Larson tends to look not super great in her films. It’s like they go out of their way to make her look dowdy, like Dawn on The Office. This means that some people don’t realize that Brie Larson is actually smokin’ hot. Go and watch Scott Pilgrim vs the World and tell me you don’t get a little tingle when you see Envy Adams for the first time.

Brie was the guest host on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night as Kimmel was off doing another live episode of All in the Family with Norman Lear, and she really shocked people on social media with how hot she looked.

She looked that hot.

But anyone surprised by this just hasn’t been paying attention. That Captain Marvel outfit that makes her butt look flat is not representative of reality.

And no, she didn’t get breast implants like some people suggested, those have always been there, they just usually haven’t been front and center like this.

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2 years ago

oh really? why didnt black widows suit make her ass look flat?

2 years ago

No her butt is absolutely flat.

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