Getter Roasted a Heckler During His Set at Bassmnt

When you’re a fan of a DJ or any artist, you sort of have to support what they do. At the very least, you should respect the art they’re trying to make.  And if you just can’t get into the new art they’re trying to make because the new art isn’t conducive to you getting “super fucked up”, then maybe don’t go to their show. Especially don’t go to their show if you plan on standing there like a dumbass telling them to play their old stuff like you’re a DJ for the DJ.

Case in point last weekend at Bassmnt in San Diego where Getter made his return and ended up having to deal with a heckler holding up a phone that read “go harder”. Of course, Getter was tired of this s**t as he already canceled his Visceral tour earlier this year because “fans” weren’t happy he was playing his newer, more mellow music.

So he did what any frustrated artist would do which is tell this Chad to come up and “take it away.” But, hey, turns out being a DJ isn’t that easy to do. After the dude went up and stood around looking like he was losing his last two brain cells, Getter finally told him to exit the stage. Here’s hoping the dude couldn’t enjoy the rest of the show because he was thinking about how everyone around him was judging him. Though that’s probably not the case. He probably downed a few more shots and forgot all about it.

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