Instagram Model Neyleen Ashley Caught her Boyfriend Cheating When he Got a Sexy Selfie on His Apple Watch

I always thought the Apple Watch was a really dumb idea. The best part of mobile phones is they have the time on them so you don’t have to wear a watch. Why would I want to replace the thing I couldn’t wait to get rid of with a worse version of the thing I got rid of it for?

It turns out they’re also not great for cheating on your girlfriend because she can see the tiny little booty pictures your side chicks are sending you on your watch. This is what happened to Instagram model Neyleen Ashley, who thought she was safe because she has almost 2 million Instagram followers and she was dating a loser, according to the New York Post.

“I always saw red flags,” says the curvaceous influencer, who boasts 1.6 million Instagram followers, who has not publicly named her ex. “I figured, dating a normal man from a small town, that he would be in awe of me, but he treated me like I was anyone else.”

I really feel way better about the way I’m about to sexually objectify her and giant McMuffins after reading that sentence.

“One day I was home and he was washing his truck outside,” she says of the moment she learned the extent of his infidelity. “I saw his Apple Watch going off buzzing and buzzing and buzzing. I got curious because I saw a small square that looked like a picture of a girl’s butt in underwear and I opened it.”

She discovered he’d been messaging a girlfriend of several months, side chicks, his ex, and that he’d been meeting with multiple prostitutes a week.

The prostitutes part was unexpected. I mean, not entirely unexpected, if I’m honest. Just based on what I know about the guy. Which is just that he was dating an Instagram model who was shocked he treated her like a normal person.

It’s sort of a cliche that when someone tries to set you up with someone and they tell you she has a great personality, she’s probably not super attractive. But it turns out big, luscious melons are no substitute for not being a vapid cunt.

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