Johnny Manziel’s Hot Model Wife Accidentally Asked For Alimony in Divorce

Johnny Manziel’s nickname is “Johnny Football,” but I think most NFL teams would rather start Jon “Jonny Magic” Finkel, the 41-year-old Magic: The Gathering champion at this point. Manziel was a first-round pick in the NFL draft, but now he’s been banned by the CFL and had to play in the AAF, which went bankrupt in the middle of its first season.

Manziel recently caught a break, though, because while it looked like his hot model wife was suing him for alimony in their divorce, it turned out to be an accident in a legal filing.

So that’s lucky, the only things Johnny has lost is his football career and his gorgeous model wife.

Her thighs are not that thick.

But don’t feel bad, Johnny, you haven’t washed out of all the Arena football leagues yet, so that’s something. And I’m sure you can date another model. Sure, she’ll be one of those “ordinary people” models that’s like, on the cover of an adult education annex brochure, but that’s still technically a model.

Yeah, it’s not the same, is it Johnny?

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