‘Joker’ Leads Golden Globes Nominations in Internet Outrage

Warner Bros / Joker

The Golden Globe nominations were announced yesterday and boy are people mad. Mainly because, as predicted, it looks like a strong awards season for Joker and we’ve decided that people who liked it are bad. I’m not entirely sure why, I think it was something about white men and the Ghostbusters reboot… I kind of tune out when people are talking absolute nonsense.

I know we want more women nominated for awards, but I f you’re wondering why Booksmart didn’t get nominated for a Golden Globe and Joker did, it’s because Joker is a better movie, period.

Just kidding, it’s a Golden Globe, they’re not actually based on merit. Warner probably just made a big push and took some Hollywood Foreign Press members out to dinner. Everyone knows you win an Oscar, you buy a Golden Globe.

Still, Booksmart isn’t anything anyone should consider to be an awards contender, even in the comedy category. It’s not groundbreaking or inventive, it’s just American Pie without the pie. So I don’t understand the tweets claiming it deserves to be nominated for an award.

There’s a bunch of these, I just picked on this one because of all the hashtags.

The other big news from the nominations is that Game of Thrones was snubbed with the sole nomination going to Kit Harrington for Best Actor in a Drama. I would have assumed Peter Dinklage would be the one to get the nod.

Poor Peter Dinklage, that dude is probably never going to work again. He’s typecast from Game of Thrones and there’s not a ton of roles for little people to begin with. It’s an actual shame because he’s a very good actor.

People seem to be angry that Game of Thrones was ignored almost across the board, which is weird because we all saw how much the final season of that show sucked, right?

Of course, The Morning Show was nominated and that is a show that no one has ever watched that Apple paid an ungodly amount of money for, so it will probably win. If they can afford to spend $15 million an episode on the show, they can afford a Golden Globe.

You can see the full list of nominees here, on the Golden Globes website.

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