Juice WRLD’s Death May Have Been Attributed to a Low Functioning Brain

On Sunday, Juice WRLD died at Chicago’s Midway airport. Posts on social media show he was alive and well during the flight but suffered a seizure while walking through the airport. Reports say he was bleeding from the mouth when paramedics arrived and was pronounced dead at the hospital soon after.

A new report from TMZ suggests his death may have been avoided if he hadn’t swallowed a bunch of painkillers in order to hide them from the FBI who were there to greet him when his plane landed. Sources say his pilot snitched and alerted authorities that there were guns onboard. But also onboard was drugs including Percocets. Between landing and the plane being searched, Juice popped a bunch of those percs, and, get this, that action may have lead to his death. After 40 unsuccessful minutes of trying to save Juice, he was pronounced dead.

All in all, 3 registered guns were seized along with 70 lbs of weed inside vacuum-sealed bags packed in their luggage. I’m not exactly sure why anyone needs to be traveling with 70 lbs of weed unless they were trying to subdue an elephant. No human is going to smoke that much and if anyone wanted weed, Juice probably could get hooked up easily or go back to California where weed is legal. Then again, this guy treated his stomach like a stash box. Being a member of Mensa probably wasn’t top on his list of things to do.

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U. Abish
U. Abish
4 years ago

How about you go f**k yourself?

Ur real dad
Ur real dad
2 years ago

Did you just copy and paste from tmz and added a shitty disrespectful joke about “using his stomach as a stach box” at the end? this copy pasted article is ass. Looks like you took 10 min to write it.