Justin Bieber is Planning a Comeback Instead of Just Going Away Forever

Did you know Justin Bieber’s career was in need of a comeback? I suppose it makes a certain amount of sense because I haven’t heard much about him making music, just being an idiot and talking about how much he loves Jesus. Back in my day musicians knew enough to pretend to be satanists and they were way cooler than Justin Bieber.

The BBC reports that Bieber has a whole media blitz planned for just after the new year starts.

The Canadian pop star chose 24 December to announce he will release a new single, called Yummy, on 3 January – the debut track from an upcoming, as yet untitled fifth album.

The 25-year-old also revealed he is to tour the US and his home nation between May and September.

Is it too soon to start drinking and just stay drunk until after this happens?

The singer announced as well he is to appear in a new documentary TV series.

Please let it be one of those shows where they try to find his murderer.

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2 years ago

Was this written by a 12 year old? Because if a grown up wrote this, you’re more of a child than my little cousin of 4 years old.

2 years ago
Reply to  Jensen

I could not possibly agree more. I suppose a 25 yr old singer who has been working since he was 13, has gained worldwide fame and adoring fans, earned mountains of money, employs hundreds of people and works with some of the hottest musical artists on the planet should just disappear into obscurity because he annoys blogger “Eric”. Oh, and JB should also conceal his Christianity so he can achieve some 1970’s version of what cool used to be. Pathetic… Fester in your impotent rage sad, jealous hater. JB can’t hear you over the sound of his private jet engines… Read more »

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