Kanye a West Says T.I. Forcibly Having His Daughter’s Vagina Inspected Was ‘God Approved’

Kanye West is dumb and if you’re turning to him for spiritual leadership you deserve whatever fucked-up afterlife you end up in. It’s just going to be an eternity of singing along to ‘Gold Digger’ with no one ever telling you whether or not it’s okay to say the n-word. If you want to go to church with a rapper, just go to Reverend Run’s church. It’s an actual church and Kanye’s never had a song as good as “Run’s House’ anyway.

Remember when T.I. told that hilarious story about how he violated his daughter’s human rights by forcing her to undergo unnecessary, invasive medical procedures to ensure that she was a virgin? And how everyone hated him and it put a lot of stress on his relationship with his daughter and he finally came out and said he didn’t even really do that and he was sorry he embarrassed her like that? Well, Kanye took T.I.’s side. The side that even T.I. isn’t on anymore.

Kanye is still giving religious sermons and folks, he’s getting weirder. And this is a guy who went on SNL dressed as a bottle of water.

What Kanye said was that people on the internet “tried to play “ T.I. even though he was “talking about something that’s God-approved.” Which is pretty crazy, thinking that God wants you having your daughter’s hymen inspect, but then again have you heard what Judaism and Shafi’i Islam say to do to genitals? Just having a look around seems like a walk in the park.

Kanye has some good points to make occasionally, a she contrasts dragging T.I. with the death penalty and yeah, checking someone’s hymen isn’t as bad as a justice system that targets minorities having the power to execute potentially innocent people, but there are better examples, I’m sure.

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